Sunday, November 16, 2008

23 things experience summary but not last post

Really, I will post again but since I am a late finisher and therefore the survey is closed, I have to summarize some of the experiences here to complete the last Thing.
As Julie Andrews might say, these are a few of my favorite things:
Creating a photo display on picturetrail
Discovering library-topic blogs
Becoming somewhat fluent in web-speak
Things I did not like:
Creating so many accounts
Doing this without much support (i.e. at home and without troubleshooters for those frustrating glitches)
I think one thing that might improve the program is to rearrange the things. I found most of the later things much easier to do and think that the momentum could build for participants if they didn't get bogged down in all of the photo stuff early on.
I would participate in more programs like this in the future.

How will I keep up?

I can tell I will continue to check in on Facebook. I will also continue to check my blog which has feeds from library sources such as Tame the Web and others and also as links to other RCL librarian blogs. I will make a point to check in on my feeds on bloglines occasionally and I will try to go back to those places I indicated interest in further exploration. I'm pretty sure I've put some of this stuff in my permanent memory bank and there is no question I am way more aware of what is out there in terms of communication tools.

21 and counting

I'm in the homestretch and anticipating a finish as I add badges of honor, etc. The idea of special interest social networking is good, but at this point I am stretched to the max on the number of accounts I would ever possibly continue to check up on. I will keep Gather in mind as it has the book focus I enjoy, but there is no question that too many options diffuse the concentration of ideas, and there is no way I can even use the tools that aggregate and bring the info to me to find the time invested worth the info gleaned.

Badge of honor

Finally to Facebook

And I'm not sure why I waited so long. What a fun way to touch on many overlapping worlds. I'm enjoying some reconnections and especially enjoying the fact that my daughter is now independent enough to want me as a Facebook friend. That being said, I have to admit that looking at Hennepin County's MySpace page, I couldn't get past the feeling that they are trying too hard. I suppose the more jump-off points one has out there the better, but squeezing an institution into a personal profile doesn't work for me. I joined Librarians and Facebook because I thought it would match my participation level best. My daughter will probably be my best prompt in developing my page as she already has suggestions for me in terms of how to share books, etc. As soon as I finish the 23 things, I think I will follow her suggestions.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I listened to several podcasts from the MPR site. I particularly liked The Current Song of the Day. I linked Nancy Pearl;s book podcast to my bloglines account. I definitely would like to explore this more with my Ipod.

You tube

I really like the second song on this you tube video of Linda and Richard Thompson. I don't think you can have teenaged children and not be familiar with you tube. I think it has taken over from gathering around the family piano for entertainment (okay there might have been a few things inbetween.